Exhibition & Events

We markets and promotes universities through its yearly exhibitions. Our events and exhibitions was created in response to the global increase towards studying abroad and much more. Our Events and Exhibitions division helps educational institutions attain the most of the new student market area. As well as, help those newly graduated find jobs. Our services help provide companies and institutions to reach the best possible results in student recruitment.

Recognizing that no two institutions and companies are alike, that each requires different requirements and standards, PETE customizes its services to meet each unique need.

- Over 10,000 visitors Expected!
-  42 Millions USD is spent by Palestinian students to study abroad!
- Over 30,000 Palestinian student go overseas each year to pursue their studies
- Palestine’s largest International Education, Training and Career Fair to date!


The Jordan International Education Fair is the key meeting point where students, of all levels, and professionals alike, can come gather under one roof. These fairs are the foremost important place for educational professionals to engage in an up-growing student market.

- Over 240,000 Jordanian students currently in high school.
- 190,000 students awaiting their Final School Examination Certificate (Tawjihi).
- Over 64,000 Jordanian students studying abroad.
- 140,000 students enrolled at local universities/colleges.