1 - High School Certificate
2 - ILETS/TOEFL (Depending on institution)

Post Graduate:
1 - Complete graduate application.
2 - Official transcripts from all higher education institutions that you have attended
3 - Satement of purpose (form 2); one for each major that you are applying for  updated CV
4 - Three letters of evaluation for all psychology applicants (international and Egyptian), two for all international applicants applying to other graduate programs and for Egyptian applicants applying for fellowships.
5 - Two passport pictures and a photocopy of the information page of a valid passport showing photo, passport number and personal information.
6 - Appropriate Test Results

TOEFL or iBT: Non-native speakers of English are required to present valid TOEFL test results. Validity for both TOEFL or iBT is for one year only.

Graduate applicants, who hold degrees from an accredited English-medium university are exempted from presenting evidence of academic English proficiency.

Applicants to the African Graduate fellowship must submit valid English tests results. AUC score recipient code is 0903

GMAT: Applicants for the MBA program must submit at least an unofficial test report to start of their application.

GRE: Applicants for a master's degree in economics, economics in international development, and journalism and mass communication must submit an official GRE score report.