Local and international students in the pursuit of higher education are spoilt for choice by the wide range of study options and choices of both local and foreign universities, all at highly affordable costs. Underlying this is the current trend of setting up branch campuses in Malaysia by reputable universities from the UK and Australia. Furthermore, various universities from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and New Zealand are offering twinning, franchised and external degree programs in partnership with Malaysian higher educational institutions.
Local private universities also offer competitively priced and excellent quality degree programs as an added alternative.

Poised as the centre of educational excellence in the Asia- Pacific region, Malaysia’s educational programs offered by private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) are of excellent quality. These institutions of higher learning are governed by various acts such as the Education Act 1996, the Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) Act 1996, Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996 and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. English, an international lingua franca, is the medium of instruction making this a plus factor for students who aspire to succeed in their career.