Institution Accommodation Facilities
Most of the institutes have segregated, conveniently located and cost-effective accommodation facilities. The accommodation fees vary from institute to institute.
Accommodation type and fees vary:
AED 4,725/- per term (shared) to AED 7,000/- per term (single)
AED 15,000/- per year (private room with bath & kitchenette) to AED 4,500/- per year (semi-private room without private bath & kitchenette)
AED 1,300/- per month, shared-basis, inclusive of accommodation, food and transportation
Note: Bus transportation is usually available for student-housing residents at no charge.

Private Rental Market
Many furnished and unfurnished apartments are available throughout the Emirates. When you rent a unit in a private building you will have to sign a rental agreement or lease that specifies your rights and responsibilities and those of the property owner and his agent.