Usually a selection of the following documents will be needed to successfully register a child at one of the Dubai schools or colleges. Check with the individual schools in Dubai for exact details - requirements differ between schools, age groups and nationality.


Passport copies with a valid residence visa or Khulasat Al Kaid for Emiratis.

Birth Certificate copies (check with school if English and/or Arabic translation is required). If they're not in English and you're applying for the first time to a school in the UAE, take them to the UAE embassy in your country to have them attested before you leave.

Passport photographs (less than a hundred should be enough).

Health card or evidence of medical insurance.

Vaccination card or immunization record.

Transfer Certificate from previous school. Check with school for details - if coming from overseas, you will need to have a transfer certificate certified by (if it's not in Arabic, authenticated translations will be required - English maybe not):
1 - the education authority in that country (check with the UAE Embassy if this step needed)
2 - the UAE Embassy in that country
3 - the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE
4 - the UAE Ministry of Education in the UAE or possibly your country's embassy in the UAE

Transcript/Progress Reports from previous school (same certification process as for Transfer Certificates).

Letter of recommendation or similar from previous school.

Successful completion of any entrance tests/exams and personal interviews.