Scholarship and financial Aid

If you are hoping for a scholarship to help pay your studies, then plan to start making enquiries and applications at least a year in advance. The chance of arranging a scholarship or bursary  or major funding after arrival in the UK is minimal. Contact your nearest Study Overseas Ltd (UK) office for some guidance on how to apply for scholarships. You can also get some information from your local British Council office or the ministry or department of Education in your own country. Many of the universities and colleges represented by Study Overseas Ltd (UK) offer partial scholarships and details are available from your nearest Study Overseas Ltd (UK) office.  Most scholarships in the UK are available for postgraduate study and for research although there are a few for undergraduate study.

University and Study Overseas Ltd (UK) Scholarships
A number of scholarships are available for students who apply through Study Overseas Ltd (UK) and information on the current scholarships are available from your nearest Study Overseas Ltd (UK) office.

Undergraduate University Scholarships
There are a few scholarships available for undergraduate study in the UK. You should apply through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for a place in the university. Some universities would consider your UCAS form as an application for a scholarship and for others you would need to apply separately. The value of these scholarships varies from full tuition fee waivers to part tuition fee scholarships and is determined by the awarding university. Further information is available from your nearest Study Overseas Ltd (UK).

Postgraduate Government Funded Scholarships
The Chevening Scholarships and the Department for International Development (DFID) are the two of the main postgraduate UK Government funded scholarships that provide full tuition fee scholarships as well as maintenance costs. These scholarships are administered by the British Council. The DFID scholarships are administered by the Association for Commonwealth Universities. It should be noted that applicants often need to demonstrate in their scholarship applications that they do intend to return to their home country after completing their course and how this scholarship is going to assist not only themselves but their country

Postgraduate University Scholarships
Some universities offer scholarships either automatically or on a merit (competitive) basis to pursue postgraduate study. The value of these scholarships vary from full tuition fee waivers to part tuition fee waivers. The deadlines for the merit scholarships are usually around the end of May or June for the courses that start in September. Application procedures for both merit and automatic scholarships vary, sometimes you can submit your scholarship application with your course application but invariably you need to have already applied for a course and gained admission before applying. You should note that with the automatic scholarship every international student is likely to receive this scholarship and that these scholarships are used as a mechanism for promoting a particular university among the international students as opposed to attracting just the students with the good academic grades.

University Scholarships

Chichester College

Oxford Brookes University

University of Portsmouth

University of Salford

University of Wales, Swansea