Admission Procedure

Singapore universities admission process for pursuing education

All applications should be accompanied with appropriate certificates.

Students must read the brochure containing the course details and ensure that they fit in the requirements of the course. Few institutes conduct written test and interviews before placement.

If admission is accepted by the University, students will receive a letter of acceptance that needs to duly signed and returned. Online applicants must check status online.

Students will receive a package from the university and should plan to be in Singapore two weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

Scholarships are awarded by the universities themselves for meritorious students.

Students can work up to 16 hours per week during term days and full time during holidays.

Under Graduate

Most of the universities in Singapore admit international students from India.

Students must have completed at least twelve years of education before applying for under graduate courses at Singapore universities.

Though SAT scores are not required for international students, mentioning the scores help gain entry easily.

TOEFL scores are mandatory for students seeking admission in Singapore. Final interviews might be conducted before gaining admission into any of the universities.

Post Graduate

Students willing to take up a course in management have to produce GMAT scores.

For any post graduation course students have to produce, GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS scores along with application form.

Duly signed letter from the registrar of the last educational university along with relevant degree certificates should be included.

Letter of recommendation from tutor must be sent along with application form. Work experience letter should accompany application if the applicant has any prior work experience.

A statement from the bank for supporting funds should be produced or a letter from the sponsor should be included.

Documents Required

Passport-sized photographs of the applicant.

Applicant's passport showing personal particulars and passport's date of expiry.

Birth Certificate (certified or notarised copy).

All Educational Certificates and transcripts (certified or notarised copy).

If applicant has worked before or is working All Employment letters and Salary slip.

Bank statement / fixed deposit account / saving account.

Bank statement is for documentary proof of financial ability to study & stay in Singapore. It can be from the applicant or applicant’s parents, and the applicant’s parents, income slip. 

Parent's Employment letter and Salary slip.

If applicant has time gap between studies and this application: Statement of Declaration & purpose explaining the time gap after your last education, reasons to study in Singapore and plans after graduation.

If applying for Master Programmes then Applicant's resume.

If names are different on documents then Affidavit (certified or notarised copy).