There are several accommodation options available for the International students. Depending on your budget and personal circumstances, you may also consider staying in a private hostel or renting private housing-landed property, apartments, condominiums and serviced apartments.

Housing Development Board (HDB)
The Housing Development Board (HDB) is the government body providing subsidized, affordable homes of high quality to 84% of Singapore’s population. Integrated into environments that meet modern lifestyle needs, each estate is a vibrant hub of community life and activity, carefully landscaped to make a better home for all.

Private Housing-Landed Property, Apartments & Condominiums
An alternative is to rent a privately owned apartment or house directly from the owner. This can be an expensive option, so sharing with fellow students helps to spread the cost. These properties can be found advertised in the newspapers, online, on supermarket notice boards, or by hiring a property agent.

Serviced Apartments
For those on a higher budget and who are staying for a longer period accompanied by family requiring the comforts of home, serviced apartments make a convenient option. These are comfortable apartments owned and managed by a property company and fully furnished like a normal home, but with hotel-style services provided such as house keeping. You will find a complete range of choices from the luxurious to the basic, from studios to penthouses, within the city center or in suburban districts.

Short-term Student Accommodation
If you have not found suitable accommodation before arriving in Singapore, and to keep costs low, you can stay in temporary accommodation while you continue your search. Many Short-term Student Accommodation options are available and can be found easily after arriving in Singapore.

Long-term Student Accommodation
Your education institution will provide long-term student accommodation. There is also the option of private student hostel accommodation located island-wide.

Cost of living
Although Singapore may have one of the highest living standards in the region, the cost of living is surprisingly low, food, transport and accommodation can be obtained at a reasonably low cost. On average, an international student would spend anywhere from between S$800 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses, depending on his/her lifestyle.