Benefits of Studying in Singapore

Singapore relatively small with a population of only 4.4 million residents, Singapore has a massive tourism industry which continues to grow year on year. With approaching 10 million people a year visiting the country, it has also attracted a number of Expats living in Singapore who are impressed by the climate, the standard of living and the employment potential.


Students can obtain a foreign university degree which is recognised worldwide without having to travel to a western country.

Singapore is a safe city with a low crime rate.

The cost of living in Singapore is reasonable.

English is a common language in Singapore & it offers a conducive environment for students to improve their standard of English.

As many international companies are investing in Singapore, there will be good job opportunities for management professionals.

Through the Work Holiday Programme and Internships, students will get the opportunity to experience a challenging working environment in Singapore.

Students will be exposed to real-world work situations that can be the foundation for their future career. Some companies see internships as a way of assessing the suitability of candidates for full-time employment. Compensation and benefits during internship varies among companies.