The university education is funded by the State through the Ministry of Education, students enrolled in regular degree studies pay no tuition fees.

Students in both universities and polytechnics have to pay for their books and other materials, plus their accommodation and living expenses. The cost of living in Finland is about the same as in other EU countries. The total monthly living expenses of a single student average around EUR 700.

Exchange and foreign degree students are entitled to join the student union if they study in Finland for more than 3 months. If the purpose of their study is reaching a basic university degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s), studies in Finland will be free of any tuition fees. All major student discounts and student health care are linked with the membership of a student union. As a member of the student union you get a student card that entitles you to various student discounts and health care. With a student card you’ll get meals and other services at a student price in your institution, and reductions for transport, museums and various cultural events and recreational activities.

On campus
Approximately one third of all Finish students live in student apartments as housing costs are reasonable. Student housing foundations and companies are not-for-profit associations governed by student unions and/or the municipality. It is very convenient to live on campus as they are located close to classes, libraries, athletic services and other student activities.

Off Campus
The disadvantage of living off-campus is the distance that you are located from campus. You will need to take public transportation to the campus. In most situations, you will need to prepare your own meals, do your own grocery shopping and cleaning.

Estimated cost of living in Finland
Tuition Fees in $US: Normally there is no tuition fees in Finland
Health Services expenses: Health services for university students are provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Student health service cost is $25 to $75 per academic year.
Living & Other Expense in $US: Student have to pay for food, housing, clothes, social life & incidental cost approx. $400 per month. The rent in a student dormitory and residence hall varies from $190 to $ 350 a month (in a single room). The rent for a family flat ranges from $450 to $859 a month. Student status, and especially the Student Union membership, entitles students to various services at affordable prices as well as to an abundance of student discounts.