Why Study in Sweden?

The country has a history replete with excellence in providing quality education. The country has outstanding universities that date back to the 15th Century. Sweden is also home to the most coveted academic distinction in the world, the Nobel Prize.

The industry and academic working in close cooperation in the country has also added to the country's reputation as a great innovator. The emphasis of Swedish universities has been on investigative research and independent thinking. The emphasis is on providing quality education and award nationally certified degrees.

Sweden's famed corporate brands like Volvo, Ikea, Ericsson, H&M and Saab and complement its cultural brands like Ingmar Bergman, Abba, Astrid Lindgren, Bjorn Borg, August Strindberg, The Cardigans and Greta Garbo. period.

The higher educational wings of Sweden constitutes of Universities and Polytechnics, which provide most advanced state-of-art facilities to its students. Teachers are always available to support and solve the problem that may occur to the students.

Features of studying in Sweden

Innovation and creativity run deep

Education standards are high

Choice of around 500 masters program in English

Foreign students are welcome

English is spoken by all

Can work while studying


With rare exceptions, tuition fees in Master's degree education in Sweden are fully subsidised by the government. This applies to both foreign and Swedish students. Master's degree education is financed by the state, a system common to many European countries.

Sweden's public spending on education is the OECD's highest, at 4.9% of GDP. And because it costs to live in Sweden, foreign students can work while studying.