Sweden offers overseas students excellent opportunities to pursue Graduate as well as Post-Graduate Degrees by offering them excellent Scholarships and Financial grants. The general living standard of Sweden is quite high; so for a student it can become difficult to juggle both work and studies. There are numerous Scholarships in Sweden that vary from year to year to keep up with the extremely competitive academic sectors of the nation.

Types of Scholarships in Sweden
There are more that 500 scholarships offered every year in Sweden that can be categorized as Government as well as Private Scholarships. The Swedish Government has excellent Scholarship policies for the Disabled and the Underprivileged. Sports or Athletic Scholarships are also widely prevalent in this country. However, you will come across a few prominent scholarship foundations in Sweden, which provide academic and financial scholarships to foreign as well as native students.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships in Sweden
To avail any Educational Scholarship in Sweden for Graduate or Post-Graduate Programs one has to have a reasonably good academic record. You should have an excellent Curriculum Vita that contains some kind of job experience or evidence of participation in extracurricular activities, and then you will certainly not face many issues regarding the sanctioning of your Scholarships in Sweden. Sometimes you might have to appear for entrance exams or attend interviews to qualify for the same.

Prominent Scholarship Foundations of Sweden
The common aim of all the major scholarship foundations of Sweden is to help graduates of developing countries inculcate special talents and competencies so they can aid in the progress of their respective nations. On top of all this, Sweden itself gets a major creamy portion of all the intellectuals and scholars from different parts of the world that can help with the development of the nation. You can avail Sweden's most prestigious scholarships from the Erasmus Mundus Project Scholarships, Swedish Institute Scholarships Program, Bilateral Scholarship Program of Sweden, and the Non-Swedish Institute scholarship programs.