Visa Procedure

All international students must possess a valid visa to study in Australia. A letter of offer from the university in which the student has been selected has to be produced along with bank statements showing self support during the stay at Australia.

According to the students studying in Australia, process of applying Student Visa to Australia was most difficult part for them before coming to Australia. It requires at least 6 month preparing documents, getting finance organized, preparing financial documents and applying student visa;


After receiving unconditional offer letter, pay fees to the university and get eCOE (electronic Confirmation Of Enrolment) from the University.

Make a demand draft for Visa application fees payable to “Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs” (DIMA).

Organize your eCOE, Demand Draft and other documents into a file and provide it to the organization through which you are applying your visa.

fter your Visa application is launched, you will require to take a medical test at the clinic authorized by Australian government.

If the visa is approved provide your passport to the Australian embassy

Visa will be stamped on your passport and will be returned by courier