Admission Procedure

Australia has been an all time favorite destination for students from all over the world. Australia offers a varied stream of courses for students. In particular, it is a favorite with students seeking to pursue management studies. There are two private universities and thirty-seven public universities in Australia offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Business, administration and economics are the popular choices among international students; science, arts, humanities and social science are the next popular choices. All students are allowed to work for a period of twenty hours a week during academic term and full time in holidays.


Students must have completed twelve years of schooling to apply for undergraduate stream of studies.

Medium of instruction at schooling level should have been in English. Few universities still prefer IELTS/TOEFL scores before admissions.

For applying to various specialized degrees, few pre-requisite subjects should have been part of the curriculum in standard twelve. For e.g. to apply for an engineering degree, mathematics/calculus should have been part of the curriculum.

All international students should be covered by the overseas students health cover before going to Australia.

Applications forms can be procured via airmail or applications can be downloaded from the website and sent by email too.

All applications should be accompanied with certified copies of twelfth marks list, TOEFL/IELTS scores and a letter of purpose, stating details of why the student chose the course etc.


A Bachelors degree from a recognized Palestinian university with good scores is a requisite to pursue postgraduate course in Australia. For PhD, a master's degree from a recognized university in Palestine is required.

Application forms should be accompanied along with certified copies of mark list of standard ten, twelve, and degree course along with provisional certificate. Universities require IELTS/TOEFL scores.

Work experience certificate if applicable has to be produced. A letter of recommendation from a teacher at degree is also very important.

A statement of purpose stating details of why the particular course is chosen should be provided.