From on-campus residences to shared Home stay with an Australian family, you’ll find room to grow in accommodation to suit your budget and needs. Your institution can give you advice on your accommodation options and understanding tenant and lease conditions.

Homestay is a great way for younger international students to immerse themselves in Australian life, and benefit from the safety and supervision of adults. Meals are usually included in the cost, but self-catering Homestay is sometimes available. Single or shared rooms are available.

Approximate cost: A$110 - 270 a week

Hostels and guest houses
Hostels are usually run by organizations such as Youth Hostels Australia and the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Approximate cost: A$80 - 135 a week

Shared accommodation, Rental accommodation
Sharing off-campus accommodation is very popular with international students. You should look for advertisements on campus notice boards and local newspapers. Expect that you will have to provide your own furniture. When renting a house, apartment or bed-sitter, landlords require rent to be paid in advance, and will require a security bond equal to one month’s rent.

Rental accommodation:  A$100 - 400 a week
Shared accommodation: A$70 - 250 a week

Campus accommodation
Most universities and some vocational institutions offer a variety of accommodation on or near campus, such as apartments, residential colleges or halls of residence. The cost varies on the type of accommodation.

Residential colleges are slightly more expensive and provide accommodation with meals. They may also have sporting and social facilities, tutoring, libraries and computer facilities.

Approximate cost: A$80 - 250 per week

Living costs in Australia
Australia enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world while remaining affordable. An average international student in Australia can expect to pay about A$360 a week depending on the lifestyle.