Education System in Australia

Universities in Australia
Australia has both government and private Universities that offer programs called "Undergraduate", and after graduation courses called "Graduate Programs or Post-graduate". In general the time of duration of the Graduate Certificates is 6 months, Master is 1 year, Masters of Honors is 1.5 year, and Doctorate is 3 years. However these degrees are not measured by time but by subjects/ courses taken, therefore depending on how many subjects/courses you are doing per semester, it may impact the time it takes to complete them. Most of these post-graduate courses do have a time limit to complete.

English Tests for Universities and Foundation
The test IELTS is the preferred one for Australian institutions to measure the level of English of international students in Australia, but the TOEFL is also accepted. Many Universities offer English courses for foreigners, and also preparation courses called foundations for successful enrolment in universities. If an English course in a university combined with a university courses may allow for an extended visa, covering all the time of study, without the need to pay all in advanced.

Duration of the Degree in Australia
A bachelor degree generally takes three years, and can also be done in only two years in some universities with fewer holidays. The majority of the structures offer the opportunity to combine two qualifications. In that you will be able to finish a University with a two qualifications or a "Double Degree" by studying one more year. For example: Bachelor Degree of IT & Business in 4 years. After finishing a undergraduate degree you can then continue on to a graduate degree either in Master or PhD. The Master and Doctorate are intensive studies and in general include research with supervision.

Vacations in the Australian Universities
The vacations vary in accordance with the system of semesters that the university adopts. The intakes in general start in the end of February or start of March with one week of orientation, and finishes in November, with a month break between semesters. The universities with fewer holidays usually have 3 semesters.