With the academic achievement estimation scale of 0 to 100%
1 - To specialize in Medical specialties, one must score no less than 50%;
2 - To specialize in Engineering and Technology, Economics or Humanities – no less than 40 %.


Passport with expiry date not sooner than 2 years

Student visa

Migration card (issued and filled out in the airport upon arrival to Russia)

The original Certificate of High Secondary School Education with the Appendix (Transcript) enclosed to it containing the list of the subjects that the applicant studied at school and the grades the applicant got in these subjects. (The copy is to be legalized in the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country which issued the Certificate and in the Russian Embassy in this country)

Upon arrival to Russia the student is obliged to make the notarized translation of the legalize Certificate of secondary (high school) education. The Certificate must be translated only after it has been legalized (as stated above), 2 copies. The translation should be affixed by the notary to the legalized copy. The student is obliged to pay the costs for obtaining of “the Certificate of Equivalence” in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation which arise to 150 EURO.

Health certificate

AIDS/HIV Certificate

12 black and white matte 3x4 centimeters (passport size) photos, matt finish.