Studying in Russia gives you the opportunity to experience the unique Russian culture, to enjoy Russian hospitality, and be charmed by Russian nature and, of course, get an education based on high modern standards and strong academic traditions.

Russia provides a strong educational and scientific background, comparatively low cost of living and tuition, the opportunity to see the beautiful nature of the Russian North, unique experiences of special cultural programmes.

The young people come from many different countries of the world to study in Russia because: Education is good value for money. The study of foreign students at Russian state universities is subsidized by the Russian government by 80-90%. The foreign student pays for his tuition partially - 10-20% of actual cost of education. Average tuition fees per academic year amount to 2500 - 3500 US $ depending on the specialty, university, language of instruction and city. Average accommodation fees at university hostel amount to 30-50 US $ per month, the cost of life and health insurance is 100-160 US $ per year. Monthly expenses for meals amount to 80-100 US $ on an average. Eventually average annual expense of a student for tuition, accommodation, insurance and meals in Russia amount to 3500-4000 US $. This is precisely why higher education in Russia is affordable for many young people of the Globe. Due to the conditions provided by the Russian government tens of thousands of foreign students have the possibility to get qualified in Russian higher education at affordable prices in more than 500 medical, engineering, technical specialties and humanities.